Looking back at Machi★Asobi Vol.17 Fall

We had great success on Machi★Asobi Vol.17. There were about 82000 anime fans that participated in this event. 2 groups of 4 guested cosplayers from foreign countries (Taiwan and China) also joined us for this occasion. So, let’s look back on the event mainly focusing on those 4 cosplayers.

First of all, let me tell you what Machi★Asobi is!

Machi★Asobi is an anime convention which we hold in Tokushima severy spring and fall. Many official people from anime industries and popular voice actors and actresses get together to host events and exhibition at the top of Mt.Bizan which is the symbol of Tokushima, Shinmachi Board Walk which is alongside of Shinmachi River, Awaodori Kaikan (Awa dance Hall), Poppogai Arcade and the Tokushima Station area.

For Vol.17 Machi★Asobi, we had many fun events like the Bizan cable car recorded announcement done by a voice actor, having chat between people from industry and visitors of this event, “Newtype x Machi★Asobi The Moving Picture Festival”, which we collaborated with Newtype monthly magazine and awarded prizes for the best anime, live shows, talk shows, cosplaying, Itasha (cars decorated with anime art) display and more.

Not only our usual anime-jacking Awa Odori Airport, we also anime-jacked Tokushima Station this time. The whole Tokushima city area was infected by anime.

Introduction of 4 guest cosplayers we invited.
We invited 4 cosplayers this time.
Akatsuki tsukasa (Yaotome Gaku) and H (Kujo Ten) from Taiwan dressed up as 2 of Idolish Seven characters.

And Can Jinzhi (Zhao Yun) and Xiao Yan (Lu Xun) from China dressed up as 2 of Sangokushi (Romance of the Three Kingdoms) characters.
All 4 of them are dedicated cosplayers and the winners of many cosplay contests.

Now, please check out some images from the cosplay championship we had.
A pair of Taiwanese cosplayers performed “IDOLiSH7-TRIGGER Leopard Eyes” on stage.

Next, a pair of Chinese cosplayers performed “Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends” on stage.

They showed us such an incredible performance!

Anyway, this is what our guests did.
They arrived at Kansai Airport on Saturday, October 8th and caught a highway bus to enter Tokushima on the same day. On the 9th, they then enjoyed the atmosphere of Tokushima city where Machi★Asobi was going on and even participated in Machi★Asobi Cosplay Championship on the 10th. Next day, a pair from China visited “Western Awa” which is one of the most popular sightseeing spots among foreign tourists. We are so happy that all our guests enjoyed their stay in Tokushima.

We keep improving and continuing Machi★Asobi for this year too!
Machi★Asobi in spring has been held on the first week of bank holiday every May. We are ready to entertain you with lots of events. One of them is “Under the Bridge Museum”. You will go for a boat ride on Shinmachi River, which is running through Tokushima’s city center, to look at the huge anime art underneath the bridges on river. “Cosplay Fashion Show” is another one of these events. Many cosplayers parade the shopping district arcade. Also, on the day, a famous voice actor will be assigned as the Tokushima Station’s station master and welcome you with an opening ceremony. A lot of people loved participating in this event the previous year. You can purchase special train tickets here too. There will be more activities such as talk shows and live events, so stay tuned!
Anyway, we hope to see you all in Tokushima during the next Machi★Asobi in spring!