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7 October 2017
Day 1 Shanghai → Osaka → Tokushima
I had ice creams wherever I went!
I tried some different flavors: Matcha, Chocolate crepe, Coffee, and so forth.
If I go on like this, I will gain 10kg・・・・.
Awa Dance (Awa Odori) posters and ACG –related ads were displayed at many shops in the town.
Linkage posters got a great deal of attention.
A nice atmosphere! Ramen was smashing!

8 October 2017
Day 2 morning
I hear that You can getToukenranbu’s limited original goods by donating blood.
Can people from other countries donate blood?

「A」was very popular, so crowded.
Fate/GrandOrder-Itasha and Fate/stay.night—UBW— poster attracted many people.
It’s just my guess, but these posters: Three Buddhist monks and A frog looking for its mother・・, I recognize・・・?
I hear that these pictures are by courtesy of SHANGHAI ANIMATION AND CARTOON ASSOCIATION.
Chinese Anime is also amazing!


8 October 2017
Day 2 afternoon
I bought a zero calorie Cola.
It tasted exactly the same as 「零度轻怡」.
I won fate post card. I’m so lucky today!
One Japan’s Anime Shikoku-area Cosplay Contest were held.
I was very surprised because all the participants were male cosplayers.

I had dinner (fish-cutlet curry!) at the Toukenranbu-related café “ufotable cafe”.
(Actually, I got in line at noon.) The café is quite popular!!
During the event, I could get event’s limited postcards. There’s a good selection of postcards. My favorites!

“Fate/GO、Fate/GrandOrder、Fate/Prototype、Fate/EXTRA” Photography is prohibited.
I’m really shocked!

9 October 2017
Day 3
I was so into collecting Bingo cards!!!
I took some photos with cosplayers to mark the occasion!!!
KING is ten thousand times better-looking in person than in the picture.
「KING」’s dance was superb!
Japanese cosplayers of Fate series are so cool!
Cute girls are into taking photos ~.

10 October 2017
“Poison?” in the middle of the night: sliced raw fish (Sashimi), grilled chicken (Yakitori), a bowl of eel and rice (Unadon), deep-fried fish and vegetables in a light batter (Tempura). They are my favorites! Local specialty “Sweet Potatoes” are so sweet and absolutely amazing.
If you have a sweet tooth, you will love it!

To my regret, I forgot to take a photo of vegetable juice.
I also drank chocolate milk at the hotel. It was so good!
I may gain 10 kg of weight・・・.

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8 October 2017
Finally, I could watch Japanese traditional dance performance (!?) Awa Dance (Awa Odori) in Tokushima. Tokushima is the home of Awa Dance.
It was like a dream!
The men (the male dance) and women (the female dance) dance separately.
The female dance was graceful and beautiful. Dancers are so pretty.

Middle-aged male dancers are very handsome. Excellent dancers! 
Visitors got the opportunity to enjoy the Awa Dance with the dancers on the stage at the end of the show. I had a super time!

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KING participated in Machi★Asobi vol.19 cosplay stage and posted the messages on Facebook.

7 October 2017
Tomorrow, I’m going to leave for Tokushima JAPAN at last. d(`・∀・)b
I haven’t danced for a while.
Please continue to cheer for me so as not to fall down.


10 October 2017
I dined at a restaurant whose concept was 「Toukenranbu」.
National Day of the People’s Republic of China (the anniversary of founding of PRC) is coming soon! Are you going somewhere this 4-day holiday?
I went Machi★Asobi, Japan! I spent three nights there.
I am greatly appreciative that the organizers invited me.
Thanks to them, I could meet many cosplayers in Japan.
At the venue, many reproductions were exhibited thanks to the corporation of famous Japanese cartoonists. I was also able to be on the same stage with other guests and had a great day.
Even though I made changes to some parts of my performance, I did well on stage.
Lucky me!

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SHIMO participated in Machi★Asobi vol.19 cosplay stage and posted the messages on Facebook.

8 October 2017
Day 1 of Machi★Asobi

It was a little too hot in Japan.
I went to a shopping street and Awa Odori Kaikan.
Cosplayers are everywhere. Events are held in large areas of the town.
There are Anime-Wrapped restaurants, and plus some menus using Anime works as a motif.
Anime-Town! That’s awesome!! 
My Awa Dance (Awa Odori) performance was good, so that I got the commemorative gift. (*/ω\*)

There are many advertisements of 「FATE andToukenranbu」.
You can’t avoid seeing them. I’m not joking (?
Tomorrow, we are going to participate in Cosplay Show!


9 October 2017
A bird or A bear? What did you see?
Today, Machi★Asobi, Well…. (*≧ω≦)
One of the event venues, the summit of Mt. Bizan is very beautiful!
My back, opening my heart out to Anime!!!
Thanks to you all, I had a very happy time. (⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)

I’m going to go back to Taiwan tomorrow. I have to do preparation for PF.
I have got some gifts for you all.

Autumn MACHI★ASOBI vol.19 Post-Event Review

MACHI★ASOBI vol.19 finished in great success this time too.

82,000 anime fans from all over Japan and all over the world participated in MACHI★ASOBI vol.19.

Members of Anime and Game-related companies and popular voice actors got together in Tokushima. Various events and exhibitions were held at Tokushima Landmarks:
Mt.Bizan summit, “Shinmachi Boardwalk” along the Shinmachi River, Awaodori-kaikan, the Poppo st.-arcade and the vicinity of JR Tokushima station.

We would like to review MACHI★ASOBI, mainly Cosplayers.

First, we introduce 4 Cosplayers from overseas.
From TAIWAN, KING who excited audiences by the cosplay ofToukenranbu, and SHIMO who gave the stunning dance performance costumed as LoveLive!.
From CHINA, Digimon Adventure: a pair of 魔法小YQand飞羽明心.
They are talented cosplayers, and they won many prizes.

KING Dance Performance, He was costumed asToukenranbu Mkaduki Munechika.

  KING facebook

The next performance is SHIMO Dance Performance. She was costumed as LoveLive! Snow Halation Minami Kotori.

SHIMO facebook

Lastly, Digimon Adventure by魔法小YQ &飞羽明心.

魔法小YQ weibo


They gave their outstanding performances.
Every year, Spring MACHI★ASOBI is held during Golden Week (early-May holiday season in Japan).
Events include The Museum Under the Bridge: Anime-themed Shinmachi River cruising (the Shinmachi River that flows through the center of town; each bridge girder is decorated with full of Anime pictures.), Cosplay Parade through the shopping arcade, One-day station master by a famous voice actor (the sale of memorial tickets and the ceremony), Anime talk and a lot of live events!
It’s going to be awesome! You’re going to love it!

Next Spring, let’s meet at MACHI★ASOBI in Tokushima!


The interpreters (English, Mandarin) are available at the Downtown Events Headquarters tent in Shinmachibashi Higasi koen.

MACHI★ASOBI vol.19 「Tokushima Gourmet Hunts」

Annual Event 「Tokushima Gourmet Hunts」
Go around these participating shops to fulfill a certain condition, you can get「MACHI★ASOBI Post card」. And furthermore, If you collect more stamps and make a line (Bingo), you can enter a special prize contest!
The more Bingo one purchases, the higher the chances of winning the prize!
Eat up Tokushima!!
Click Here For More Info!

How to Enjoy MACHI★ASOBI?

MACHI ( 街 ) means town.
During MACHI★ASOBI, the whole town becomes the event venue.
We exhibit the latest works of Anime, Manga and Games.
Anime directors, voice actors, producers, animators, singers, etc. are coming!
Everything is So Exciting! It’s hard to decide where to go.
We look forward to having you join us!!
[FIRST RUN 23rd Sep. ~ 6th Oct. CLIMAX 7th Oct. ~ 9th Oct.]

2017 Comic Exhibition

We joined the attention-grabbing 台湾漫画博覧 (Comic Exhibition), for promoting MACHI★ASOBI. The event attracted more than 500,000 visitors.

The venue for Comic Exhibition, Taipei World Trade Center, Exhibition Hall 1 (No.5, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City) is located close to Taipei 101.
Dozens of fans queued up and waited outside the venue the day before.
The event was fully expected.

The hall was so crowded that we couldn’t move smoothly.

Exhibitors set up a wide variety of booths, such as Manga, Anime and Games, to say nothing of Japan’s popular Anime and Manga.

Touken Ranbu is broadcast on TV in Taiwan, so lots of fans were taking photos.

Details about MACHI★ASOBI were featured on NHK (Japan’s TV station).


Comic Exhibition ended a great success.
We hope you’ll visit us, MACHI★ASOBI in Tokushima.
[FIRST RUN 23rd Sep. ~ 6th Oct. CLIMAX 7th Oct. ~ 9th Oct.]


We participate in “2017 COMIC EXHIBITION” at TAIPEI WORLD TRADE CENTER Exhibition Hall 1, from August 10 to 14. We open a booth to promote「MACHI☆ASOBI」,
Video Exhibition is planned, and brochures are available.
Drop by and see us at Booth; We look forward to having you join us!


We participate in “2017 COMIC EXHIBITION” at TAIPEI WORLD TRADE CENTER Exhibition Hall 1, from August 11 to 16. We open a booth to promote「MACHI☆ASOBI」,Video Exhibition is planned, and brochures are available.
Drop by and see us at Booth; We look forward to having you join us!

China International Comics & Games Expo CCG EXPO 2017

China International Comics & Games Expo (CCG EXPO2017) was held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center from July 6 to 10, 2017.

Just as last year, We participated in the exhibition for「MACHI☆ASOBI」Promotion.
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center (Formerly Known As: The Expo Theme Pavilion) is located in the heart of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Site.

The Exhibition hall was so crowded, every booth was enthusiastically received with a lot of visitors.

Anime that is very popular in Japan, was displayed.



The stage shows and the Cosplay Contest were also held.




We had a number of posters on display at booth, and distributed the brochures to visitors.
It was a great success with a lot of visitors.



We participate in “2017 COMIC EXHIBITION” in Taiwan in August.
Please visit the venue with your friends!


What’s MACHI★ASOBI?  Actually, that’s the hardest question.

The only thing we can say that MACHI★ASOBI has no rule or fixed patterns, the only rule is to enjoy Tokushima in your own way.

Popular members of Japan’s anime industry (creators, producers, animators, voice actors, etc.) will appear on the stage. MACHI★ASOBI will hold a variety of events such as, Music concerts, Image exhibitions, and Anime talks. It’s sure to be exciting!

Moreover, there will be many experiential events in town, including the special exhibitions and the game events.

Looking back at Machi★Asobi Vol.17 Fall

We had great success on Machi★Asobi Vol.17. There were about 82000 anime fans that participated in this event. 2 groups of 4 guested cosplayers from foreign countries (Taiwan and China) also joined us for this occasion. So, let’s look back on the event mainly focusing on those 4 cosplayers.

First of all, let me tell you what Machi★Asobi is!

Machi★Asobi is an anime convention which we hold in Tokushima severy spring and fall. Many official people from anime industries and popular voice actors and actresses get together to host events and exhibition at the top of Mt.Bizan which is the symbol of Tokushima, Shinmachi Board Walk which is alongside of Shinmachi River, Awaodori Kaikan (Awa dance Hall), Poppogai Arcade and the Tokushima Station area.

For Vol.17 Machi★Asobi, we had many fun events like the Bizan cable car recorded announcement done by a voice actor, having chat between people from industry and visitors of this event, “Newtype x Machi★Asobi The Moving Picture Festival”, which we collaborated with Newtype monthly magazine and awarded prizes for the best anime, live shows, talk shows, cosplaying, Itasha (cars decorated with anime art) display and more.

Not only our usual anime-jacking Awa Odori Airport, we also anime-jacked Tokushima Station this time. The whole Tokushima city area was infected by anime.

Introduction of 4 guest cosplayers we invited.
We invited 4 cosplayers this time.
Akatsuki tsukasa (Yaotome Gaku) and H (Kujo Ten) from Taiwan dressed up as 2 of Idolish Seven characters.

And Can Jinzhi (Zhao Yun) and Xiao Yan (Lu Xun) from China dressed up as 2 of Sangokushi (Romance of the Three Kingdoms) characters.
All 4 of them are dedicated cosplayers and the winners of many cosplay contests.

Now, please check out some images from the cosplay championship we had.
A pair of Taiwanese cosplayers performed “IDOLiSH7-TRIGGER Leopard Eyes” on stage.

Next, a pair of Chinese cosplayers performed “Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends” on stage.

They showed us such an incredible performance!

Anyway, this is what our guests did.
They arrived at Kansai Airport on Saturday, October 8th and caught a highway bus to enter Tokushima on the same day. On the 9th, they then enjoyed the atmosphere of Tokushima city where Machi★Asobi was going on and even participated in Machi★Asobi Cosplay Championship on the 10th. Next day, a pair from China visited “Western Awa” which is one of the most popular sightseeing spots among foreign tourists. We are so happy that all our guests enjoyed their stay in Tokushima.

We keep improving and continuing Machi★Asobi for this year too!
Machi★Asobi in spring has been held on the first week of bank holiday every May. We are ready to entertain you with lots of events. One of them is “Under the Bridge Museum”. You will go for a boat ride on Shinmachi River, which is running through Tokushima’s city center, to look at the huge anime art underneath the bridges on river. “Cosplay Fashion Show” is another one of these events. Many cosplayers parade the shopping district arcade. Also, on the day, a famous voice actor will be assigned as the Tokushima Station’s station master and welcome you with an opening ceremony. A lot of people loved participating in this event the previous year. You can purchase special train tickets here too. There will be more activities such as talk shows and live events, so stay tuned!
Anyway, we hope to see you all in Tokushima during the next Machi★Asobi in spring!

about Tokushima

Tokushima is full of natural and traditional cultural attractions!

Awa Odori Dance

Naruto Whirlpools

Iya Kazura Vine Bridge

Awa Ningyo Joruri Traditional Puppet Theater

Shikoku Henro Buddhist Pilgrimage

Mugi Oshima Island and Area

Ochiai Mountain Hamlet


Udatsu Streetscape

Todoroki Waterfall